Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin)

Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin)

Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin) is an androgenic and anabolic steroid used in low testosterone therapy for men and breast cancer cure for women. It is available only as a oral steroid.

What is Halotestin used for in bodybuilding?
Halotestin is taken orally by bodybuilders to increase lean muscle mass. It contains various ingredients including calcium, corn starch, lactose, sorbic acid and tragacanth. Fluoxymesterone is similar to testosterone, which is naturally produced by the body, so it is often used by men who don’t produce enough natural testosterone or teenagers suffering from delayed puberty. Halotestin also can help muscles, bones and reproductive system to remain healthy.
Halotestin has earned a good reputation for being one of the most powerful, fast-acting steroids. It is also one of the most expensive products on the market.
Halotestin also increases the physique’s own strength, allowing for longer workouts and in result maximizing muscle development. However, even if Halotestin can quickly increase strength, it doesn’t offer massive results in bulking. Apart from increased the user’s overall energy, Halotestin can boost fat burning and avoid muscle mass loss.

What are Fluoxymesterone side effects?
As many other anabolic steroids, Halotestin is very harmful to the liver if taken in high dosages and for a prolonged period. High consumption of Fluoxymesterone can results in permanent damage to heart and liver. In normal dosages its side effects are visible and may involve nausea, oily skin, acne, hair loss and water erectile disfunction. Psychologically, Halotestin may create depression, increased aggression (roid rage), mood swings, even after the usage is discontinued.

Halotestin cycle for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users
Halotestin is not a steroid that beginners or even intermediate steroid users will consider, due to its harsh side effects, which can be permanent. For first time users, the safest dosage is 10 mg daily for a maximum period of 2 weeks.
Intermediate users generally increase dosage to 20 mg daily. At this level, toxicity to the liver is a reality.
Advanced users may go for 30 mg daily but at the risk of permanent damages to the physique. 40 mg daily is the highest, more or less safe dose of Halotestin.
Halostestion has a quite long half life for an oral steroid at 9 hours. It can be taken as a single dose every day or split in two. Regardless of the dosage, Halotestin’s negative impact on the liver imposes short cycles, with a maximum of 2 weeks to be on the safe side.

Halotestin Cycle PCT
After a Fluoxymesterone cycle the main concern will be to stimulate natural testosterone production, which has been suppressed during the cycle. Halotestin has very strong suppression activity compared with other steroids, so recommended protocol is to use Nolvadex combined with HCG for 6 weeks.

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