How to Pay

How to pay

Before we explore all payments options, it is important for you, the buyer, to understand the seller situation regarding selling anabolic steroids. In few words, it is vital to maintain our anonymity. We cannot accept the same kind of payments as online retailers selling handicrafts or whatever else. Steroids are a different kind of product. While importation for personal consumption is, in most countries, not considered a crime, selling steroids is. Therefore, it is vital to maintain our anonymity.

We accept payment by:

Wise (you must have a Wise account)

Stripe (your must have a valid credit or debit card – gift cards are not accepted)

Paypal (transfers as Friends & Family ONLY)


After you place an order, you will receive the following email:

Hi, thank you for your order. I now accept payment by credit card via Wise, Stripe, Paypal donations and Bitcoin. Which option do you prefer?
Kindly reply to this email so I can start processing your order.
Thank you,

Please reply with your preferred option to receive payment instructions.

Important: payment information are confidential and should be followed carefully to avoid unpleasant situations with the payment providers. Therefore, do not place an order if you don’t intend to pay. Spam orders are not tolerated as they interfere with the processing of paid orders. Spammers accounts will be banned and action will be taken.