The Theory of the Steroids Stack

The Theory of the Steroids Stack: a steroid stack is the strategic combination of oral and injectable steroids to create optimized results better than using a single product alone.

Bodybuilders have been experimenting and stacking steroids since these products started to appear on the market. One of the reason was to reduce the dosage of one product by enhancing its effect with another compound. But there are many other reasons to stack steroids.

In many cases, stacking is necessary to replace the endogenous production of biological Testosterone, which ceases during a Testosterone cycle. In this case, any other steroid used would be considered a stack. But this is just an example of the most basic stack.

The theory that by stacking multiple steroids the results could be increased goes much further. For example, it is well known that 500mg of Testosterone combined with 500mg of Decadurabolin will yield greater gains that 1000mg of Testosterone alone. But why does this happen? It could be that Decadurabolin, being more potent than Testosterone, works in a more effective way and delivers greater results. This makes sense but there could be more to discover. While the way steroids work in the body is well researched, but how they interact with each other is a field not fully explored. And then there is the issue of potential and real side effects.

In order to discuss this we have to look at the three main steroid bases, from which different steroids are derived from. Once we understand how they differ we may evaluate how combining them can yield much greater benefit, both in terms of gains as well as in the reduction of side effects.

Testosterone-based steroids are Dianabol, all Testosterones, Equipoise, Turinabol. They all aromatize to estrogen to varying degrees. This is something to bear in mind when using a Testosterone-based product in your stack, in order to counter side effect by using an aromatase inhibitor to manage your estrogen.

19-Nor Based
These steroids all have a 19-Nor Testosterone base. This is a smaller group, made up of Nandrolone and Trenbolone, with various esters. These steroids do not aromatize to estrogen, but this doesn’t mean they do not impact estrogen levels. Nandrolone increases aromatase expression (e2 levels) and Trenbolone is somehow unique in its sides effects, but both can be use to compound the sides of Testosterone-based steroids stacked with.

DHT Based
These steroids all have DHT as a base. Examples of DHT-based steroids include Winstrol, Primobolan, Anavar, Masteron. They do not aromatize to estrogen at all. The primary side associated with DHT-based steroids show in athletes prone to male pattern baldness. DHT is the androgen primarily associated with hair loss and the introduction of DHT based steroids may cause this side effect. There are several ways to combat this side effect, such as topical spiro and Nizoral shampoo.

The appropriate way to approach steroids stacking is to analyze a series of cycles from the first and move to the subsequent cycles to understand how to apply the three steroid bases and come up with stack combinations.

It is common knowledge that a bodybuilder’s first cycle should be Testosterone only. This is considered a prudent way to start. As all Testosterone is an endogenously produced hormone, the Testosterone injected in the body will perform the same functions as the endogenous Testosterone. It is already present in the body so by using it for our first stack we are simply increasing the amount of Testosterone in the body. But when t comes externally, the body stops producing it. So it is absolutely necessary to manage estrogen levels.

For example, a first cycle can be Testosterone only at 3-400mg/week, stacked with an aromataze inhibitor such as Exemestane or Arimidex. Along with it one can use a low dose of HCG throughout the cycle. Then follows a proper PCT with Nolvadex and/or Clomid starting at the proper time. The body should recover well. So what about the next cycle, after an appropriate time off?

You could simply do the same cycle one more time, perhaps with a slight dosage increase. You might use an oral steroid such as Dbol for the first 4-6 weeks to “kickstart” your cycle. These are god and safe options. Or you could also put together a new stack to experiment for better results.

Now looking at the two other steroid bases and considering the effects: both very effective at building mass, with Decadurabolin being the milder, yet a very powerful compound yielding excellent gains. It is recommended to find out how your body responds to Decadurabolin before considering the incorporation of Trenbolone into the cycle.

DHT-based steroids are also interesting, as they don’t really offer astounding gains, but they generate effects needed at various points. They are androgenic but do not aromatize to estrogen and yet they do not build significant mass. The best mass building DHT-based steroids are Anadrol, Anavar and Winstrol. To generalize, one can say that all DHT-based steroids offer aesthetic benefits more than large mass benefit, with the exception of Anadrol.
So what about a new, multiple steroids stack? A good choice would be a Decadurabolin/Testosterone stack, using 500mg Testosterone/week and 400mg Decadurabolin/week.

What next? One can incorporate a DHT-based steroid into the mix. As previously mentioned, these steroids mostly offer aesthetic changes rather than massive muscle building. Therefore, a new cycle may be based on the two steroids that are considered an exception to this. A good stack may be 500mg Testosterone stacked with 400mg Decadurabolin and 60-80mg of Anavar or Winstrol for 8 weeks. Adding the DHT-based steroid will create a stack made up of all three steroid bases.

A little knowledge is very useful not only to yield better gains but also to properly manage side effects, which should always being an athlete main concern. However, nothing is more valuable than personal experience and how your body reacts to such stacks. Knowing the different steroid bases as well as the different effects of each one individually, as well as their interactions with one another, allows you to intelligently combine and stack them until you find the stack that works optimally for you.

The theory behind steroids stacks is that one can surely make 2+2=5 in terms of gains, and at the same time manage to reduce side effects. A systematic approach will allow you to try different stacks that make sense based on your goals. Just remember that more dosage doesn’t always mean better results, but it surely means worse side effects. The Theory of Steroid Stack is about starting off with less and fewer compounds and build on that by stacking them wisely, not just increasing dosage and PCT cycle after cycle.