Sustanon is not a steroid per se but a mixture of four kinds of Testosterone. This blend became one of the the most popular testosterone mixes in the world. As it contains four different esters, each one with a different half-life, its half life is about 15 days. Which means its usage requires less injections. The Dutch pharmaceutical giant Organon manufactured the blend  and marketed under the name Sustanon 250. The original formula was, and still is, as follows:

30 mg Testosterone Propionate
60 mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate
60 mg Testosterone Isocaproate
100 mg Testosterone Decanoate

Testosterone is THE male sex hormone responsible for the development of male characteristics. These include hair growth on face and body, deepening of the voice, muscle development and the development of the male genitalia. Testosterone is also essential for maintaining strength, of muscles and bones, and regulating libido and fertility. Men whose bodies don’t naturally produce enough Testosterone may be prone to problems such as decreased libido, infertility or osteoporosis. This natural process usually starts naturally at the age of 40.

What is Sustanon used for in bodybuilding
Being a very versatile product, bodybuilders use it in both bulking and cutting cycles. For cutting, it can be stacked with Primobolan Depot, Anavar, Winstrol, Trenbolone Acetate and Masteron. For bulking, it is commonly stacked with Dianabol, Deca Durabolin, Anadrol and Trenbolone Acetate. It is used also in solo cycles. Sustanon 250 is already a very powerful compound, but now on the market there are also 300, 350, 400 and 500 mg/ml versions, marketed as Testosterone Mix.

Sustanon is a very good choice for bulking. When testosterone levels are high, muscles are more prone to growing. This blend provides lean mass gains and also speed up metabolism, which burns fat while building muscle.

Sustanon side effects
Healthy men and women tolerate Sustanon very well, but there are always side effects associated with steroids. Dosage and cycle length greatly influence side effects. The most common estrogenic side effects are water retention, gynecomastia and an increase in blood pressure. Sustanon is a highly androgenic steroid so acne, on both face and body, is the most common side effect. Another one is hair loss, especially to men predisposed to baldness.


Sustanon solo cycle for beginners
For a beginner it is common to start with a 12 weeks cycle.

Week 1-12 Sustanon 250 300-500 mg/week

Sustanon solo cycle for intermediate users
More experienced users will go for the same length but with an increased dosage.

Week 1-12 Sustanon 250 750 mg/week

Sustanon solo cycle for experienced users
Advanced users may increase dosage between 1000 mg and 2000 mg weekly, but this is rare. It is recommended to stack it with other compounds to achieve optimal results and keep side effects under control.

Sustanon stacked cycles bulking: Sustanon 250 + Deca Durabolin + Dianabol 10 weeks

Week 1-5 Sustanon 250 500 mg/week + Deca Durabolin 500 mg/week + Dianabol 30 mg/day everyday
Week 6-8 Sustanon 250 500 mg/week + Deca Durabolin 400mg/week
Week 9-10 Sustanon 250 500 mg/week

Sustanon stacked cycle bulking: Sustanon 250 + Anadrol 12 weeks

Week 1-6 Sustanon 250 500 to 750 mg/week + Anadrol 50 mg/day everyday
Week 7-12 Sustano 250 500 to 750 mg/week

Sustanon stacked cycle cutting: Sustanon 250 + Oral Winstrol 10 weeks

Week 1-10 Sustanon 250 500 mg/week + Oral Winstrol 50 mg/day everyday

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