How to choose a steroid source and a steroid brand

This post is about buying steroids online, but from a steroid retailer point of view. The aim is to help you, the buyer, in understanding the market and avoiding unpleasant experiences. As in any other market, there are good and bad players and the bad apples spoil everybody else.

The basic, undeniable truth is that buying steroids online is risky. It is not like buying a paperback on Amazon. Or shopping on Ebay. So keep this in mind when you start looking for a steroid seller. The ranting of unhappy customers fill all steroids forums. The main reason of so much sorrow is always the same: scammers.

Buying steroids on the Net is indeed a dangerous business, as the odds are always stacked against the buyer. There are 4 risky scenarios:

  • risk of receiving nothing at all.
  • risk of receiving fake products that actually may work, but are not genuine and not what you paid for.
  • risk of receiving fake products that do not work and/or, even worse, are harmful to your body and make you sick.
  • risk to have your order confiscated by customs and, as a result, end up in trouble with LE (law enforcement).

In the first 3 scenarios the seller is a nothing but a scammer. In the fourth, the seller is honest but unable to package in a manner good enough to pass customs.

Let’s assume, for the sake of discussion, that you haven’t found a seller with good products, so you are looking around and evaluating websites, prices and brands.

Let’s also assume that at this stage you have done your homework and know exactly how many vials of injectables you need and how many tabs are required for your cycle and PCT. You get these info by asking experts on steroids forums, where usually you get good advice about quantities, dosages and brands, but not about sources. This is because many forums clearly forbid discussing steroid sources, while others mainly focus on reviewing sources. Many steroids forums revolve around fights between members and moderators, members and reps, members and members, and lots of hate.

To avoid the first three scenarios, you need to research the seller very well. This involves extensive researches. Google is your friend here. I suggest you to search by brands to dig up all sellers of such brands. You will notice that almost everybody not only sell that particular brand, but many others as well. Why everybody is selling the same brands? Because they all buy from the same wholesalers, that ship from the same warehouses. Warehouses EU (usually in Eastern Europe), warehouse USA (in the US), warehouse international (overseas countries like China, Thailand, Singapore). Sounds familiar? This is what Superbolic used to do as well years ago. What differs here are prices and service. Therefore, analyze the seller website.

Read the FAQ first. Are the answers clear and transparent? Are the terms of sale acceptable? Read the payment options: are there many ways to pay, or only Bitcoin? Keep in mind that sellers must keep their identity hidden, because LE go after sellers, not buyers. And to do that they always follow the money trail. Other details to check: does the seller offer free reship in case of seizure? If yes, at which conditions? Many require a seizure letter from customs, which is bullshit as in many countries customs seize the parcel and don’t send any letter. Many sellers also do not ship, or reship, to countries where the chance of passing customs are minimal, like Canada, Norway, Australia, New Zealand. In case you live in one of these countries, search for domestic sellers. Prices will be way higher, but you risk will be much, much lower.

After you have read the FAQ, payment options and terms of sales, feel free to contact to the seller, to evaluate response time and get a feeling about who you are dealing with. Fast response time means the site is actively selling. Anything longer than 24 hours is not acceptable in 2023, when one can check his emails on the smart phone anytime. As I do.

After doing this due diligence exercise, by now you should have a much clearer idea about the sellers you’ve evaluated. It’s now time to look for reviews on forums devoted solely to review steroid sources, such as Keep in mind that in such forums the top ratings are bought, rather than earned. I discovered this a long time ago, when I refused to pay to stay in the first page with the best reviewed sites. And ended up way down the list, even though Superbolic had excellent ratings. Nowadays buying positive reviews is a part of attracting potential buyers to the site, as it happens with Facebook Likes or Trustpilot reviews. Negative reviews are usually genuine, from irate customers who weren’t happy with the service. I believe that before somebody gets so angry there are plenty of opportunities to talk and fix things together, as nobody want a lose-lose situation. A refund or a reship are normal and effective ways to solve an issue. Incredibly bad reviews posted on various forums and blogs (wherever one can leave a comment anonymously) often originate from one person only. This can be a pissed-off customer unwilling to reach a solution but also a competitor trying to discredit a fellow seller. I’ve realized that in this business is very difficult to establish B2B partnerships. Every seller is on his own and often against all the others, and everything goes. I had various hacking attempts, threats and bad reviews from people who never bought anything from me, and rough negative replies when I asked other dealers about B2B deals.

When you research a brand, occasionally you find sellers offering different, unknown brands. Superbolic is now one of these sites. Are these sellers scammers? Difficult to say. In my case, I decided to move away from the major suppliers (wholesalers) as their service during COVID-19 became so unreliable that I had to dump them before losing my customers for good. As you did for sellers, you can conduct a research for a brand. Is the website the manufacturer, or a distributor, or even worse, a scammer? Does it look professional or does it look like it was made twenty years ago? Does the lab have an actual street address somewhere? Do they offer online verification of their products? Do they post the results of tests performed by independent labs? Do they reply to emails quickly? The real ones usually do not sell to end-users and should quickly provide you the contact details of official distributors in your area. Also, good pharmaceutical companies usually produce generic medicines too, not just steroids.

There are hundreds of manufacturers and brands. At the top of the range you have big pharma names like Bayer, followed by less known pharma-grade companies like ZPHC. Then you have a myriad of UG, some very well-known, some not. At the very bottom of the ladder there are home-brewed brands, quite popular in USA, Canada and Australia.

Let’s have a better look at these categories:

  • Pharma grade by big pharma: the most difficult to find, the most counterfeited, the most expensive. Steroids are just a small part of their catalog.
  • Pharma grade by less known pharmaceutical brands: easier to find but not ubiquitous, very often counterfeited, quite expensive. These brands usually produce medicines, cosmetics as well. Some retailers may have the genuine items, while others sell counterfeits. In this case the seller reputation is more important than the brand reputation. Superbolic is in this category, I guess.
  • Non-pharma grade but almost there: produced by very well known UG labs. Often shipped from Eastern Europe. Check reputation of both brand and seller. Fakes abound in this category. These are not pharma-grade, but still quite good.
  • Home-brewed brands: usually available only in steroid forums, where the manufacturer is a sponsor and has its own section to sell and interact with members. These products are produced in a basement or in very primitive, small labs. If you have watched “Breaking Bad” you can imagine the scenario. These home-brewed brands should be very cheap, to compensate for the fact that they are produced in an unprofessional way. Real labs can ensure sterilization and packaging standards comparable to pharmaceutical companies. Even though forum members are often happy with the results and manufacturers pay for independent labs test results ( seems very busy these days analyzing no-name brands), their quality is somehow volatile. I would recommend using these products only if the source is domestic and the price is much lower than average.

A word about the quality of a injectable or oral steroid: all steroids are made from raw materials, that usually look like wheat flour. These raw materials are manufactured in three places in the world: China, India and Russia. Pharma-grade manufacturers produce their own raw powders (which sometimes they sell to UG labs), while all the other brands, from well known UG labs to home-brewed brands purchase them from distributors. Chinese manufacturers are the most active in peddling their raw materials, to the point that they’ve become spammers. Therefore, the basic ingredients are exactly the same for all brands. What differs is how and where the finished steroids are produced. Superbolic could become a new UG brand, it is not difficult at all: there are many eager Chinese sellers of raw materials that will happily produce injectables and orals for me, as they already do for many UG labs. They even take care of printing labels, serial codes, holograms, etc. But I believe the world doesn’t need another steroid brand.

I hope you’ve found this post useful. What I wrote is the result of 15 years personal experience in this business as a seller.